Remove Low Ratio Ban Via Donation

Did your account get disabled because of low ratio?

If you donate $20 then we will re-enable your account, remove any previous warnings and reset your upload/download then give you 10 GB upload to get you started.
Remember to be very careful with your downloads and to keep a good eye on your ratio after re-enabeling your account!

This system is automated so please follow the instructions.
To start donating enter the username and password of your disabled account below and you will be taken to the donation page.
Payment Method Option 1 (Accept all cards) Option 2 (Backup option)

Please try both Option 1 and Option 2 above first.
If you have problems using the above payment gateways
then please try the option below instead for manual activation.
Use the same email as your registered account has.

If you need help please contact an administrator in the forum.

Reactivation of a disabled account is available so that you can get a second chance to do things right and correct, not to make same mistake again. You should not download torrents in an abusive way after reactivating your account, this might lead to a permanent ban!

Read the rules carefully before downloading torrents again!

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