Competition Rules
Competition Rules
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The Competition System allows you to pick the winner(s) of one or several fights, and will grant you an award if you pick the correct outcome.

When a new competitions is announced and "Open" you can enter it and select the outcome of the fights, until the timer reaches 0. When the timer reaches 0 the competition go into "In progress" mode until the event is over. From that point you can no longer enter the competition. Once the event and all fights are over the competition goes into "Finished" mode. The next days after the event the results are entered by our moderators and you get credited for your correct picks and deducted for the incorrect.

Correct picks will earn you 0.5 GB (512 MB) and incorrect will deduct 0.1 GB (102.4 MB) when the fights results are in. You will be notified about your gain/loss in a private message here on the tracker when the results are entered. All competitors statistics are saved and visible on the competition page and on the general leaderbord.

When a new competition is published you may enter and select the winner, or draw, of the fights available. When you click "Opponent 1" or "Opponent 2" or "Draw" a second window asking you to confirm your selection pops up. Once you have confirmed your selection there is no way to change it so make sure you select the correct opponent. You can select the outcome of one or more fights but you dont have to select the outcome of all fights if you do not want to.

You can select the outcome of one or more of the fights, and then leave and come back again on a later occasion and then choose the outcome of the previously unselected fights. But once a fights outcome is selected you can not change it!

Once the timer has reached 0 you can no longer select the outcome of any fights so make sure to get your picks done in time.

If a fight is changed after the competition was announced and opened, if a fight ends as a no contest or if a fight gets cancelled after the competition has started, the fight will not be counted at all. It will be considered a cancelled fight in the competition system.

Good luck!

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